Student Testimonial
“The information we got was very informative and the instructor was so knowledgeable. Would recommend this seminar workshop for whoever is taking a full esthetic program.” Ashley

“I am very happy I took this course. It was very informative and helped me ease my concerns about starting my own business. Meredith was very knowledgeable and helpful.” Shaye

“Meredith gave us so much useful information. It definitely made my decision clear as to how I should be prepared to start my own business.” Anonymous

Student Testimonials
“Trena is an amazing person/teacher. I feel like this class may have changed my life and opened my eyes. Thank you!” Kristi

“Trena did an awesome job with this workshop! I will definitely not be walking out the door the same person as who came in this morning! Recommend everyone to participate in this workshop!” Melissa

“Great course, very informative, excellent resource to have. Would definitely recommend this seminar to anyone starting their own business.” S. PhilipNail
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